Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top Honeymoon Holiday Stay Options in South Africa

Incredibly picturesque, South Africa is a treasure trove of diverse adventures for any traveller who books tickets on international flights to reach the country. In many ways, it is the perfect honeymoon destination as the various sightseeing options across this country are too numerous to count. Following are the top accommodation options for couples planning a honeymoon in South Africa.

Seaside Getaway
For newlyweds who seek a relaxing holiday by the sea, the coastal town of Kommetjie is the perfect place with pristine beaches of white powdery sand. Located by the beach, lies the Last Word Long Beach Hotel, a popular haunt among foreign tourists booking tickets aboard international flights to the rainbow nation. The rooms and suites are replete with all major amenities and the view from anywhere on the property is breathtaking. Gourmands can engage in various seafood-based culinary adventures including lobsters freshly caught just off the coast. This seaside getaway is perfect for couples who enjoy lazing by the sea, horseback rides and surfing.

Urban Destination
The metropolis of Cape Town is one of the largest in world and it is home to one of the busiest airports in South Africa. It is therefore one of the most popular haunts for international holidaymakers who reserve tickets onboard flights to a South African metropolis. The top pick among honeymooners seeking accommodations in Cape Town is the O on Kloof Boutique Hotel and Spa. Key amenities at the establishment include a fully functional spa and fitness centre, lavish lounge as well as dining areas with impressive views of the coast. The rooms and suites are replete with various modern amenities while ensuring privacy for all its guests. No wonder it is billed as one of the best places for newlyweds who book tickets on long haul flights seeking an urban adventure in The Rainbow Nation.

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