Friday, September 20, 2013

Be a Part of the Thai Elephant Conservation Project

While Thailand is brimming with a vivacious flurry of sightseeing and other tourist attractions, there is one that truly brings an altogether new colour to the holidays and at the same time makes you feel good about yourselves! Thai Elephant Conservation Project is an attempt on part of Thailand to encourage elephant conservation by making it a stimulating tourist experience. Many opt for it while on their holidays to the country after boarding flights and landing in the nation. Being a volunteer of the project is a wonderful opportunity for people to go beyond the usual and do their bit for the society and the nature.

What’s it all about?
Asian elephant is classified as an endangered species. Thai Elephant Conservation Project makes sure that more and more people, by the virtue of exciting activities, are aware of the phenomenon and they are much better equipped to handle the animal and work for its conservation. Those, who book air tickets on flights to the Asian country and actually decide to be a part of the project, will earn up to 40 community service hours and a certificate in elephant handling. And all this while having fun! Volunteers will be able to learn to ride, feed and bathe elephants. The program incorporates classes, training, overnight camping excursion and social sessions – surely a perfect recipe for the nature lover who is booking tickets and boarding flights to the Asian country. 

Where it is?
The elephant conservation centre is located amidst forests, rivers, and mountains. The venue is located at 2-hour journey from Chiang Mai, which is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Thailand and highly popular holiday spot among those reserving flights tickets to the country. Chiang Mai also has an international airport that hosts many airlines that offer tickets to the city from different regional hubs. At the centre, one can find professional training school for mahouts, as well as a hospital and a rehabilitation centre for elephants. There are open-air classrooms, living quarters and food. Whosoever feels to add a bit of nature’s magic on their trip must consider getting flights tickets to Chiang Mai and opt for this program. 

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